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"The Board of Harbour House Condominium can attest to the exceptional work and effort which Marquis puts forth."

David Haber

President, Harbour House Condominium at Ocean Reef

"Within the first 90 days of service, Marquis went over & beyond the association’s expectations by obtaining a 400K credit by researching our past invoices and vendor history reports. Their detail and technicality surpasses all expectations."

Fred Weber

Fisher Island, Miami Beach

"We have come to value what Marquis has brought to our building, with respect to taking luxury property management to the next level and providing five star service. Your entire transition team did a wonderful job. We look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with Marquis. I would highly recommend Marquis Association Management for any of the luxury condos in this market. I wish you continued success."

Ryan Shear

Principal, Property Markets Group